Parkinson’s Care at Paddock Ridge.

Specialized Support For Those With Parkinson’s Disease

More than 60 thousand Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year, affecting one in 100 seniors. If you’re caring for a loved one who may have Parkinson’s disease, you can count on Paddock Ridge for person-centered Parkinson’s care with the highest levels of compassion and respect. While each individual experiences the disease differently, we strive for improved quality of life for all residents with Parkinson’s – maximizing independence and enhancing emotional well-being.

Though no case of Parkinson’s disease looks exactly alike, it commonly causes or exacerbates other health conditions, including: cognitive and psychological changes, movement and mobility issues, heightened risk of fall, sleep abnormalities, difficulty swallowing, weight loss and difficulty communicating. Parkinson’s care at Paddock Ridge helps to reduce the day-to-day stress of these symptoms by providing heightened safety measures, 24-hour nursing support and stimulating activities tailored to the neurological difficulties your loved one may be experiencing.

Our thoughtfully designed community provides a safe, secure place for residents with neurological difficulties to receive help with daily needs, such as bathing, grooming and going to the doctor. Featuring private one- or two-bedroom suites with private baths, our memory care neighborhood encourages residents’ independence, while helping to foster family involvement. With both individualized support based on each person’s needs, abilities and preferences, as well as interactive programs to promote interaction and socialization, Parkinson’s care at Paddock Ridge is tailored to each person’s symptoms and the progression of the disease.

Using advanced therapeutic techniques and a comprehensive care plan, we help each resident make the most of their experiences and cognitive abilities. Our state-of-the-art Sensory Room allows residents to explore music, light and color to stimulate communication and engagement, encouraging feelings of comfort and reassurance for those with neurological difficulties or communication barriers.

Although the medical community has yet to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease, we believe quality of life can be improved at every stage through specialized, person-centered Parkinson’s care. We’re committed to surpassing your expectations at Paddock Ridge – all within a bright, warm and nurturing place for your loved one to call home.