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Assisted Living Activities

Are there activities for seniors in assisted living? Retirement communities across the country offer resort-style living with first-class amenities. The perception, however, is that these perks are primarily reserved for independent living residents. While those in need of assisted living require an extra hand to complete some daily tasks, they’re still just as capable of living a full life. Plenty of senior living communities promote assisted living activities, offering a fun and engaging lifestyle for all their residents.

The social benefits of active senior living are invaluable. The ability to bond with friends and neighbors helps strengthen connections, reinforce relationships and offer both purpose and meaning while living in a community. Residents simply feel happier when they’re doing more with people they like. Staying busy with assisted living activities gives seniors something to look forward to each day and offers the opportunity to learn something new or maybe even discover a new passion.

So what are some fun activities for seniors in assisted living? The options are almost as endless as they are for independent living residents, but here are some assisted living activity ideas:

Physical Activities
For seniors who are still quite physically active, some resort-style amenities can help keep their bodies healthy and strong.

  • Golf — A low-intensity sport that doubles as a fun social outing. Spending time outside with friends on the golf course is hard to beat.
  • Pickleball — A simple game for all ages and skill levels, this paddle sport has seen a surge in popularity across the country in recent years.
  • Swimming — The water offers great aerobic exercise that’s physical without straining the joints. Ideal for seniors, whether they want to swim around or take an aquatic class with friends.
  • Dancing — Having some fun on the dance floor can wake up both the senses and the spirit. From ballroom to line dancing, there are plenty of options available for seniors.
  • Stretching — Low-impact exercises like yoga and Pilates have become very popular in recent years. They can help seniors maintain mobility with great results.

Mental Activities

  • Keeping the brain in peak shape is just as important for seniors as staying physically fit. A wide range of programs and assisted living activity ideas can challenge and stimulate the minds of residents.
  • Arts & Crafts — As simple or complex as it wants to be, artistic expression can take the form of painting, knitting, writing and so much more.
  • Music — Retirement could be the perfect time to finally learn how to play an instrument or start singing with a group of friends and neighbors. Music is healthy for both the mind and the soul.
  • Technology — There’s no age limit to learning about tech. Computer lessons can keep seniors connected to loved ones, while video games are a fun, interactive way to keep their minds and reflexes sharp.
  • Reading — From fantastic fiction to an inspiring biography, gathering with friends to talk about a good book is a great way to stay social without being too active.
  • Games — It’s hard to beat a good board game. Some take skill, some require critical thinking, while others are all about luck. The same goes for card games and even bingo. Games are the perfect group activity.

Leisure Activities
Group outings and other activities for seniors in assisted living don’t always have to be active. A huge part of retirement living is relaxing and enjoying well-deserved leisure time, which can be just as beneficial to senior wellness.

  • Walking — It doesn’t get much easier than taking a simple stroll around the community. Enjoy the fresh air outside and the company of good friends.
  • Movies — Films can transport the imagination anywhere it wants to go. Few activities can duplicate the shared experience of watching a great comedy or thrilling adventure together.
  • Fishing — For communities on or near the water, getting assisted living residents on the shore or the dock with a fishing pole in their hands is a fun and easy way to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Live Shows — Guest singers. Musical groups. Comedians. Magicians. Live entertainment almost always draws a crowd and leaves attendees smiling.
  • Bus Tours — While on-campus activities are fun and convenient, getting on a bus and venturing somewhere new with friends is a great change of pace for seniors.

Assisted living doesn’t have to mean limited living. A community like Paddock Ridge is specifically designed for seniors who enjoy vibrant, independent lifestyles, with the occasional need for extra help with daily tasks. If you or your loved one needs assisted living, consider our Ocala, FL, community and contact us today.