Should You Retire in Ocala, Florida?

Should You Retire in Ocala, Florida?

Is Ocala a good place to retire? It’s a simple question with many answers that all point to the same conclusion:

Retirement in Ocala, Florida, offers a lifestyle that’s rich in fun, relaxation and discovery. The beautiful Florida weather simply can’t be beat. Taxes are low, meaning your savings will be high. It’s an affordable place to live, and it’s full of a wide variety of exciting places to explore and enjoy. There’s a good reason so many people choose to retire in Florida. In fact, there are lots of good reasons. So if you’re still asking whether or not an Ocala retirement is right for you, let the answers we’ve gathered here help make up your mind.

There’s No Better Weather
The sun shines bright year-round over Ocala. Inviting temperatures offer unlimited opportunity to enjoy a pleasant day outdoors. Sure, there’s the occasional rainstorm, but snow or colder temperatures are never in the forecast. Ocala retirement communities are centrally located in the state’s lowest wind zone, which means the few storms that do come this way tend to lose most of their potential impact before we ever see them. No matter whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or prefer to spend leisure time outside in the garden or on the golf course, you can do it here every day of the year.

Big Time Tax Breaks
Florida is one of the fortunate few states with no income tax and (currently) a 6% sales tax. That means big savings for seniors because there are no state taxes on Social Security benefits, pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s or any other retirement income. In Florida, there is also no inheritance tax or estate tax. When you save money in these important areas, you’re free to enjoy spending it elsewhere on things you love, and in Ocala, there are countless opportunities to do just that.

Low Cost of Living
More money, more options! Not only are the tax savings big in Florida, but the central part of the state — where Ocala is located — is home to some of the least expensive real estate in the country. For seniors, in particular, Ocala retirement communities are great options for comfort and peace of mind. Saving money on the place you call home will provide abundant opportunity to enjoy everything the area has to offer — from incredible restaurants to popular cultural highlights, weekend getaways along the coast and more.

Right Where You Want to Be
When people think of retirement in Florida, they likely picture beachfront communities and oceanside scenery. Central Florida, however, offers the best of everything while keeping the coastlines within reasonable reach. The region’s flat landscapes feature several large lakes and the beautiful Ocala National Forest. Getting to and from one scenic oasis to the next is easier in Ocala, too, because our area has much less traffic and noise than you’d find on the coasts. Whether you just want to breeze around town, grab a meal with friends, or head off to the beach for a daytrip, it’s all no more than a few hours away.

We’re Not Horsing Around; You’d Love It Here
There are so many things that set retirement in Ocala, Florida apart from other destinations, but no other place in the state can claim to be the Horse Capital of the World! The area’s incredible weather makes it the perfect setting for training young horses all year long. Some trainers even believe that Marion County’s calcium-rich soil helps their growing foals build stronger bones. Ocala is home to lots of horse farms, shows and other events throughout the year. The 500-acre Florida Horse Park alone hosts nearly 250 events a year, including national and international events like the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, Live Oak International, Ocala Breeders’ Sales, and Olympic-level equine sports competitions that include dressage, polo and versatility challenges. It’s also an official training site for the U.S. Equestrian Team. Whether you’re currently a horse lover or not, you’ll be amazed by the beauty and strength of these majestic animals that also call Ocala home.

We hope this answers your question: Is Ocala a good place to retire? Clearly, Ocala is in fact a great place to retire, especially considering all the lifestyle and financial advantages Florida has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about what makes this area so special, and how Paddock Ridge can make your life here even better, call us at 352-512-9191.