Alzheimer’s Care in Ocala, Flordia

Your Resource for Person-Centered Alzheimer’s Care.

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you realize the significance of each memory and every moment. With one in every two American families directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease, it’s still hard to know where to turn when it becomes apparent additional support is needed for a family member suffering from memory loss.

At Paddock Ridge, we’re here to help. We understand the difficulties of dealing with memory impairment, and through our outstanding Alzheimer’s care, we bring peace of mind to families and help each resident make the most of their cognitive abilities to live a more comfortable, fulfilling life.

Our dedicated staff works together with families to create a personally tailored plan for Alzheimer’s care centered on each individual’s symptoms, causes and treatment options. Based upon a deep respect for each and every one of our residents, our philosophy of care is focused on emotional reassurance, building genuine relationships and honoring individual choices.

Through therapeutic innovations and meaningful programming, our specially trained staff members work to slow the decline and effects of the disease and give residents a sense of calm and confidence. Our state-of-the-art Sensory Room uses advanced sensory stimulus, including fiber-optic strands and liquid-filled bubble tubes that elicit feelings of comfort, a tactile board with different surfaces, music playlists and vibro-acoustic furniture, to empower memory care residents who have lost some or all capacity for language.

Every day is planned for your loved one’s physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and recreational needs through our holistic wellness program, Masterful Moments®. Our private memory care residences are specially designed for Alzheimer’s care in order to provide the utmost safety, security and support, while open, accessible gathering areas encourage camaraderie and connections.

Your family can depend on us to provide Alzheimer’s care worthy of your loved one, and together we can confront the challenges of memory impairment. You’ll find reassurance and support within our specialized memory care neighborhood – along with meaningful connections, positive programming and personalized assistance to make every moment truly count.